Stephen Taylor

Director of Technology Transfer Department, AREA Science Park

Stephen Taylor has over twenty years’ experience as a Director or Senior Consultant, helping major firms and government agencies in Europe and North America to access the latest knowledge and expertise for analysis and planning for new business, market research, new product development, and technology commercialization. Since the beginning of 2009 he has been working with the Technology Transfer Department of Area Science Park, Trieste, Italy and from September 2009 he took over as Director of the department. In January 2010 he was appointed to the board of Innovation Factory S.r.l., in-house incubator at AREA Science Park, Trieste with particular responsibility for International Business and Competitiveness. In May 2011 he became CEO.

Taylor has operated in a variety of roles, demonstrating the ability to operate effectively at all levels and to achieve results, having been responsible for developing new business concepts, outlining strategies to exploit these ideas and then implementing them. He has negotiated sales, joint ventures and partnership agreements with other organisations, both public and private, to further the strategic objectives of the organisations he has represented. He has motivated and managed teams of individuals ranging from new recruits and trainees to Chief Executives and Managing Directors of joint venture partnering companies.

Taylor has helped companies assimilate new technology developments and translate them into business opportunities, working with key players in the following sectors: aerospace and defence, information technology, telecommunications (fixed and mobile), energy, automotive, electronics, engineering, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. He has been active in, industry and competition monitoring and analysis, business and new-product-opportunity evaluation, technology and economic analysis, and foresight.

Taylor has travelled extensively, doing business in over a dozen European countries as well as living and working for over a year in California, USA prior to relocating in Italy.

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